A truly beautiful rural town in Tottori, Japan

Ai Bakery (パン工房 アイ)

Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.

Information about Ai Bakery

Ai Bakery is a wonderful family-run store/cafe situated near a mountain pass in the village of Nishidani. People come from far and wide to buy freshly-baked bread, original buns and pastries, delicious cakes and more - all at a very reasonable price. Many of the treats made at Ai are unique - for example, a cheese, bacon and shiso... or a cream cheese and honey roll... or a turtle melon pan (kamelon pan).

Ai Bakery also has two absolutely delicious types of French toast - one is with vanilla ice cream and blueberry jam, the other is with matcha ice cream. Both come with a helping of sour cream.

There is nothing better than sitting on the verandah at Ai and looking at the mointains and the valley, while eating their delicious creations and drinking a cup of coffee.

Friday-Monday:  9:00am-6:00pm

(Closed Tuesday-Thursday)



Ai Bakery

Ai Bakery photographs


Lovely cafe at the top of a mountain

Ai Bakery photographs


Relax on the verandah

Ai Bakery photographs


A great selection of original breads and pastries

Ai Bakery photographs


Pizza bun and Kamelon pan

Ai Bakery photographs


The BEST French toast, with a view

Ai Bakery photographs


So good you can look at it again

Ai Bakery photographs


Totoro opposite Ai

Ai Bakery photographs

Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.

How to get to Ai Bakery

Please come and visit to see just
how beautiful Ai Bakery is
(and how delicious the food is):

689 Nishidani, Chizu, Yazu District, Tottori 689-1426

Telephone: 0858-71-0011

Website:   Click here

Facebook:   Click here

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Getting there: 18 minutes by car from Chizu Station; 40 minutes by road bike from Chizu Station (up a long and steep hill - you will deserve your French toast).

Parking: Space for 6 cars next to the bakery (plus additional roadside parking).

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Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.

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Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.

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