A truly beautiful rural town in Tottori, Japan

My Curry Shop (僕のカレー屋さん)

Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.

Information about My Curry Shop

My Curry Shop is a great curry restaurant. It serves two different, delicious curries on one plate, with a mound of rice in the centre.

The curries are both standard types and those original to My Curry Shop. They include dried korma, butter chicken, deer, spinach, chicken in red wine, lemon coconut chicken, and more. The curries change every week.

Each curry is garnished with six tatsy treats, including cashew nuts, pickled carrot, cottage cheese, sour cream, boiled egg, cucumber, fried fushimen (noodles), and more. You can also choose to have a sprinking of cheese.

The restaurant is bright and airy. The staff are very friendly. You can sit at a table or at the counter.

Monday to Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.



Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.



My Curry Shop

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The interior

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Dried keema (left) and spinach (right)

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Butter chicken (left) and chicken in red wine (right)

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Deer (top) and butter chicken (bottom)

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Chicken and red wine (left) and dried korma (right)

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With grated cheese

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Ready for curry...

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Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.


How to get to My Curry Shop

Please come and visit to see just
how beautiful My Curry Shop is
(and how delicious the food is):

1820-20 Chizu, Yazu District, Tottori 689-1402

The My Curry Shop Instagram account

Getting there:

My Curry Shop
is a 2-minute walk from Chizu station.

Parking: Space for 3 cars behind the restaurant

Google Map:

Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.

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Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.

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