A truly beautiful rural town in Tottori, Japan

O-Musubu-Kororin (おむすびころりん)

Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.


This restaurant is located in the old elementary school in the lovely village of Yamasato, on Route 373. O-Musubu-Kororin is run by a group of local women and all the delicious food is homemade, using locally-grown or wild vegetables collected from the mountains and in-season fish.

O-Musubu-Kororin serves standard Japanese dishes, such as fired rice with miso soup, and curry rice. We recommend you order the higawari (special of the day) which consists of over 10 plates and dishes of seasonal food - grilled fish, brown rice, tempura, pickles, local vegetables, sea food, steamed egg. This is REAL Japanese food.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 9:30 - 16:00.




O-Musubu-Kororin photographs


O-Musubu-Kororin photographs



Delicious, healthy homemade lunch

O-Musubu-Kororin photographs

Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.

How to get to O-Musubu-Kororin

Please come and visit to see just
how beautiful O-Musubu-Kororin is
(and how delicious the food is):

〒689-1425 鳥取県八頭郡智頭町福原19
Tottori-ken, Yazu-gun, Chizu-cho, Fukuhara 19
Telephone: 0858-71-0656

Getting there: 16 minutes by car from Chizu station, 20 minutes by bus from Chizu station, 10 minutes on foot from Yamasato train station.

Parking: Ample free parking on site.

Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.

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Chizu-Cho - rivers and mountains.

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